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Book cover: Sardines Might Fly


Adventures in an Australian Homeland

Book cover: The Jacaranda Trail
Book cover: Up a Creek Down Under


A Journey of Discovery Down Under

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Could Air Travel GET any Worse?

Up a Creek Down Under - title

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Fancy flying in a tin can to the other side of the world and suffering the horrors of stinky passengers, kids with the power to split eardrums at fifty paces, backed-up restroom queues, and faulty coffee machines that can short-circuit the plane's electrics?

Neither does the author.

Unfortunately, these are just some of the delights frequently experienced on a long-haul flight. And when you're packed in tight like sardines for over twenty hours, the trip from A to B can feel more like an epic voyage from A to a distant Z.

Join the author as she takes off from England on a 'flying adventure' to Australia and back in this short companion read to Up a Creek Down Under.​​