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A star-studded cast of pseudo-celebrities is forever lining up to give the author's books a 'faux review'. Look out for them in her books. Here are just a few to whet your appetite below...

Praise for Cyclopathic Tendencies

A global conspiracy (ish), some kick-ass action and a bunch of bikes thrown in – what more could you want?  In fact, I think the screenwriters have missed a trick by not having any bike chases in my movies.

Jason Bourne
Trained assassin & Martial Arts expert

The Jacaranda Trail
Praise for The Jacaranda Trail

It’s about time a few more women stood up & wrote books.  Mind you, it’s more comfortable if you sit down to do it.

Germaine Jeer

Campervan Capers
Praise for Campervan Capers

Forget Formula One!  It isn’t a patch on driving one of these turbo-charged babies.  And I never would have tried one out if it weren’t for reading this little book.  Only downside is, site owners aren't keen on you cutting up their lawns and using their sites as a racetrack.

Nigel Mannsul

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