Raised in the UK, Alannah lived in her Aussie birthplace for five years in her twenties, where mozzies regularly used her for target practice. She managed to return to Old Blighty devoid of shark or snake bite, however, and currently lives in picturesque Cornwall with her cycling-obsessed partner.

She is an international book award finalist and multi-genre author best known for her series of fantasy adventures inspired by fairy tales and her mysteries starring laid-back Aussie Scott Chevalier.

Alannah has also written about her travel capers, both in a campervan and Down Under (not both together - yet!), and has a handful of other oddball titles to her name. Most of her work comes with a sprinkle of humour.

Outside of writing, she is the founder and head owl at Book Lover Merch, where she creates goodies for book lovers to enjoy, such as mugs, notebooks & journals, wallpapers & more.

When she's not immersed in creative pursuits, she likes to hit the trails on her bike, take walks in nature, or go kayaking – basically, anything that will get her butt out of the chair for a while that doesn't involve going to a sweaty old gym.

Firstly, in case you've been rolling your eyes at the aporling sppeling here, rest assured that, in the UK, 'pyjama' has a 'y', not an 'a' (honestly, there are already enough of those in the word as it is!).

So, now that's out of the way, you might be wondering: where did Alannah get her Pyjama Writer nickname? Is it because she has a hankering to write about sensible nightwear? Well, err... no! But whenever she's in writing mode, she does like to get up early of a morning, sit down with a hot cup of tea, and beaver away at her latest project... all the while remaining clad in her comfy dressing gown & PJs. And this can sometimes go on for hours!

As you may have guessed by now, Alannah enjoys peppering her writing with humour, and to find out more about what she's managed to publish, attired in such a slovenly manner, you can check out her BOOKS... (But, wait, there's more...)

The Pyjama Writer Nickname - What Gives?

Possibly, her favourite (set of) quotations are:

To do is to be – Aristotle
To be is to do – Jean-Paul Sartre
To be or not to be – Shakespeare
Do be do be do – Frank Sinatra

  • Alannah loves languages: she speaks French like a native (a seven-year-old one) and is fluent in Double Dutch. "I also tried learning Turkish once, but it was all Greek to me."

  • Heckling the comedian Adam Bloom once at a gig, he described her as "Laura Ingalls with attitude" (that was back when she had pigtails!)

  • Alannah's favourite dictionary is the Uxbridge English. "I liked the Oxford English Dictionary, but it was a bit thin on plot. I also just found out that a Thesaurus isn't a dinosaur after all, but a kind of dictionary!"


These days, Alannah is blogging and posting on social media a whole lot less in favour of focusing her precious time on creative pursuits which she hopes her fellow humans will enjoy, be it writing books or designing cool goodies for book lovers. So the best place to find out what she's up to is by joining one of her newsletters...

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