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Got a question?  Want to give feedback? Or just fancy bolstering Alannah's ego by letting her know how much you've enjoyed one of her books (it happens!)? Then please get in touch using the contact form below (yes, it's a bit formal, but it apparently helps ward off evil spammer spirits).

But before you get there, let me just check if you know about her newsletter, The Inside Scoop. It's the best place to find out what the author is up to. As a member of Alannah's VIP Readers Group, you'll be the absolute first to hear about new releases and any other goodies she might be offering - some of which you won't get anywhere else. If you'd like to hop on board, click here to sign up.

Alternatively, click here to find the next best places online to hear about her new titles.

Righto... Here's that promised contact form...

Contact Form

Thanks for getting in touch!


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