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Up a Creek Down Under

Up a Creek Down Under

Adventures in an Australian Homeland

Chanticleer Book Awards 2019 - Semi-Fina


Chanticleer International



More about the Book

After twenty years off the mosquito menu, the author returns to the Land Down Under and has a few adventures along the way as she encounters a host of pesky insects, the man who transforms potholes from death traps to works of art, and the sea captain who's stubbornly superstitious about bananas...

Meet these and more in this humorous, informative & reflective travel tale.

Alannah Foley is a soul from two worlds. Born in Australia, she was raised in England, but in her twenties, a yearning for her roots sent her back to her birthplace, where she spent five years. To her surprise, she got more than she bargained for along the way, discovering long-lost family, experiencing new lifestyles, and being regularly used by mozzies for target practice.

After a yawning chasm of two decades back in Old Blighty, she returns Down Under – but with some trepidation. Would life in her old Aussie stomping ground be the same? And would anyone recognise her, what with all that greying hair?

But that's not all she has to contend with. There's also her age-old fear of sharks, the pre-dawn chorus delivered wholesale by the cockerels at her sister's farm, and a sea captain who's convinced her banana-eating is scuppering his whale-watching tour.

Join the author as she traces over old haunts and new vistas in this humorous, informative & reflective travel tale set in sunny – and sometimes not so sunny! – Australia.

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