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Tales from Corny Cove

Tales from Corny Cove

Life in a Cornish Paradise...

What could Possibly go Wrong?

When Henry & Margaret move down south to run a campsite
It turns out that 'living the dream' sometimes involves
Dealing with a few nightmares too!...


More about the Book

A collection of FUN FEEL-GOOD reads set against the delightful backdrop of Corny Cove

A series of 5 fun, feel-good reads


When redundancy forces Henry and Margaret to reassess their lives, they decide to 'live the dream' and move from their home in central England, down south to Cornwall.

Discovering the golden sands and rugged cliffs of Corny Cove, it's love at first sight, and they take on the running of a campsite.


They soon realise it's not all plain sailing, and Henry regularly ends up getting into scrapes with a host of bothersome campers such as the brutish Mr Botherham and unruly Mrs Gladstone as well as 'Rusty' Gates, the obnoxious red-bearded farmer next door... And, of course, he does so all under the watchful eye of Margaret.


All in all, life at Corny Cove is both a blessing and a curse!

This is a collection of 5 short intertwined tales which can also be read as standalones.

Look out for a link inside Tales from Corny Cove to get this
bonus prequel free!

Living the Dream

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