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No Bed of Roses

A Twisted Fairy Tale Reimagining

(The Princess & the Pea)

A playboy prince and

a queen desperate to marry off her son.

Not the best combination ever.​..

More about the Book

Frustrated by her commitment-shy son Romeo pulling out of yet another wedding, Queen Daphne finds a last-minute suitor. But will he land that first kiss and decide she's not the one, or will they find their Happily Ever After?

The queen of Dalmashia is at her wits' end. Just days before he's due to marry, her son Prince Romeo changes his mind, leaving the nation high and dry. This is the third wedding he's pulled out of, and if the queen doesn't do something soon, her subjects will lose confidence in the crown.

As luck would have it, the palace housekeepers find a last-minute suitor. And after the girl's royalty is verified with a special pea-under-the-mattress test, the queen is left with just one problem...

Every time her commitment-shy son meets a match, he feels compelled to test the relationship with a kiss - and inevitably, he decides she's not the one.

So when Romeo is captivated by the beautiful red-headed Rose, the queen's not taking any chances. She requests that Rose not kiss Romeo before the wedding, and she vows to hold her resolve. Unfortunately, despite a similar promise from Romeo, he's less enthusiastic - and he has some dastardly ideas about how to manipulate circumstances in his favour, too.

Will the queen's attempts to pull off a joyous royal wedding be in vain? Or will the couple find their Happily Ever After?

Find out in No Bed of Roses.

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