Twisted FAIRY TALE Sequels

A world where betrayal, deceit, revenge & murder

Go hand in hand with love, hope & humour...

​​What Happened Next after the Fairy Tales you know & love?

Find out in this series of adventure tales with a twist

Set in a shared world, on a vast continent with Dark Heart Forest at its centre, each book in the series is an imagining of 'what happened next' in the fairy tales you have come to know and love, often calling into question the 'facts' of the original tales.


Written for adults, the stories are a blend of adventure, intrigue, romance and humour, as well as magic and the supernatural.


Fool's Gold

Book 1

(Jack & the Beanstalk sequel)

Betrayed by her philandering husband Jack, Jill risks certain danger trying to put things right. But with the odds stacked against her, can she save the family farm - and her crumbling marriage - before it's too late?


*  *  *


All Jill wanted when she settled in the little town of Brackendale was to lead an uncomplicated life and stop looking over her shoulder. But just months into her marriage with Jack, all that changes.


At first charming, she discovers he's a cheat who's been wheedling money out of his fancy women. Not only that, but he's been borrowing money from her, bleeding his own mother dry, and letting the family farm go to rack and ruin.


And his latest shenanigans? He's swapped his mother's last cow for a handful of magic beans, climbed the giant beanstalk that sprouted from them, and - right from under the nose of a sky-dwelling giant - he's stolen a goose that lays golden eggs worth a small fortune.


Unfortunately for Jill, Jack is more slippery than she realises, and when she finally confronts him, he skips town with the goose and his stash.


In a brave attempt to put things right and save the family farm from going under, she gives chase through Dark Heart Forest - notoriously dangerous territory that's fit for no woman to travel alone.


But there's another obstacle standing in her way. She's not the only one who knows about the bird and Jack's fortune. Others are desperate to get their hands on it, too.


In a race against time, Jill needs to track down her reckless husband before the others do. But does she stand any real hope of recovering his ill-gotten gains, saving the family farm, and salvaging her crumbling marriage - or was her quest doomed right from the start?

Find out in Fool's Gold.

* * * Estimated Release mid-late March * * *

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Bonus/Spin-off Reads

Fans can look forward to a few spin-off reads in the series, thus giving extra adventures and insights into the characters. Plans are afoot to release those linked to Fool's Gold before the titles below (more info coming soon).

COMING LATER in the series...

Wolf at the Door

Book 2

(Three Little Pigs sequel)

After a narrow encounter with a wolf who threatens to eat them alive, the three little pigs dream of settling down to a nice quiet life in a new home and a new town, free of the shadows that lurk in their troubled past.


Unbeknownst to them, however, a chain of events has already been set in motion, and as the wolf's cunning sister begins to see them as a family threat, the pigs' lives, once again, hang in the balance.


Can they escape her clutches and live to tell the tale?


Find out in Wolf at the Door.

One Rotten Apple

Book 3

(Snow White sequel)

After biting into a dodgy apple and being given the kiss of life by handsome Prince Lawrance, Snow White agrees to a whirlwind engagement. But it soon dawns on her that she's not in love after all.


With mounting pressure from an expectant public poised for a royal wedding, along with the discovery that she's pregnant, Snow White flees the baying paparazzi and goes on the run.


But can she ever find peace and know what true love is?


Find out in One Rotten Apple.

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