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Cyclopathic Tendencies

A Cycling Action Adventure Novel

with a Twist of Humour


Welcome to Masterton Training Facility…
Where breeding the perfect cycling athlete

Takes on a whole new meaning!


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Picked as a hopeful contender for the upcoming Tour de France, young pro cyclist Mark Bradley makes his way to join his new team-mates at Masterton Training Facility, set on a delightful, sprawling manor estate in the English countryside.

Training with state-of-the-art facilities alongside other international riders, including his favourite cycling hero, Larry Legstrong, how could he possibly go wrong?

The outlook seems rosy… Until, that is, the team's manager, Hans, begins putting pressure on riders to join his 'performance enhancement' programme. And that can only mean one thing – drugs.

But as Mark and team-mate Paul resist the pressure to conform, they discover that all is not as it seems. And it's only then that their troubles really begin. For, buried deep within the heart of Masterton Manor lies an unbelievable, dark secret.

In this world of conspiracy, breeding the perfect cycling athlete has taken on a whole new meaning – and performance enhancing drugs are only the start. But once they discover the truth, will they ever be allowed to leave alive?

With a twist of humour, this easy-read novel is accessible to the cyclist and non-cyclist alike. Why not pick up a copy TODAY for some mystery, intrigue and adventure?


Rated PG-15 by the author, as there is some mild adult content that may be deemed unsuitable for children.

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