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Cycling Widows

Cycling Widows

Lifting the Veil on Living with an Obsessive Cyclist

Are you a cyclist in denial of your addiction to the sport?

Or the long-suffering spouse of an obsessive bike-freak?

Either way, you need to read this!

In the cycling world, the term 'Cycling Widow' has long been used to describe the spouse of someone with OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder).

All across the globe, these women live a lonely life in the shadow of this affliction.


Until now, the world of the Cycling Widow has remained shrouded in secrecy.  But here, the author lifts the veil to candidly reveal the trials, tribulations, highs and lows of living with a cyclomaniac.


Written by a long-suffering Cycling Widow, this satirical look at cycling might just save a few marriages — as well as many a bike from being fed into the garden mulcher.


Includes a handy test to find out — for once & for all — whether it really is a case of 'hobby or obsession'!

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Cycling Widows 2

Cycling Widows 2

The Trials & Tribulations of Living with an Obsessive Cyclist

Do you live with an obsessive cyclist?
Then find out how to deal with topics like
Bike Porn, Fetid Laundry, and the Curse of the MAMIL –
All these & more are deftly tackled in this long-awaited sequel

In this satirical Cycling Widows sequel, the author continues to share the trials and tribulations of living with an obsessive cyclist, as well as tackling controversial issues within the cycling world such as the addictive scourge of bike porn, cycling safety and taking a vacation without the 'other woman' (ie her husband's pesky bike).

If this isn't 'up close & personal' enough, the author also offers a range of practical tips for the Cycling Widow, such as how best to handle fetid cycling clothes after a ride, and deal with the Curse of the MAMIL in older pedallers.  All this and more…

This book will have Cycling Widows – and maybe even a few cyclists afflicted by OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder) – nodding their understanding as the author delves deeper to explore the tenacious grip this apparently-innocent sport has on the world at large.

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The Cycling Widow's Survival Guide

The Cycling Widow's


A Satirical 'Lifeline' eBook

If you're a Cycling Widow, desperately wondering

How to survive living with an obsessive cyclist –

Fear not!  Here are your answers!

From the author of Cycling Widows comes this equally-satirical Survival Guide, designed with both the new & seasoned Cycling Widow in mind.  Incorporating a handy Revenge Toolkit and dedicated Agony Aunt column, it's full of coping mechanisms and satisfying tactics to counteract the suffering unwittingly inflicted by a spouse with OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder).

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The Cycling Widow's SURVIVAL GUIDE


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