After twenty years off the mosquito menu,
the author returns to the Land Down Under.
But is it what she expected?
And what adventures does she get up to along the way?

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They say that time flies – and it certainly did for the author. After five years in her Australian birthplace, where she discovered long-lost family, experienced new lifestyles, and was regularly used by mozzies for target practice, Alannah Foley returned to England, the country where she was raised.

However, what she thought would be a short visit turned into a yawning chasm of two decades.

Finally, she decided it was time to go back and set out on a new journey of discovery – but with some trepidation. After all this time, how much had things changed? And would it be for the better or worse?

 Join the author as she traces over old haunts and new vistas, and encounters a host of bothersome as well as delightful creatures in this humorous, informative and reflective travel tale set in sunny – and sometimes not so sunny! – Australia.

Adventures in an Australian Homeland

Book cover: The Jacaranda Trail


Could Air Travel GET any Worse?

Up a Creek Down Under - title
Header picture: Lineup of books by Alannah Foley
Header text: Alannah Foley - Travel Tales, Humour, Mysteries, Fiction
Book cover: Sardines Might Fly


A Journey of Discovery Down Under

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Bothersome insects, delightful creatures, and the man who transforms potholes from death traps to works of art...

Meet these and more in this humorous, informative and reflective travel tale.

Book cover: Up a Creek Down Under