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The author's continuing adventures Down Under…

Book Cover: Up a Creek Down Under

Raised in England of British-Australian parentage, the author sells her possessions and flies to her birthplace in Sydney with no solid plans or timetable in mind.

Discovering by chance that she has another sister, a whole new world opens up: from living on a camel farm and picnicking with kookaburras, to paddock baths, unconventional lifestyles, City Farming and much, much more…

But, before she returns to England, she has one last thing to do: to go in search of her grandmother — the woman who left her daughter to be brought up by cruel nuns in an orphanage…

This book is an easy read, never stops moving and will appeal to a wide range of readers, including lovers of travel writing, family history buffs and those interested in less conventional lifestyles.

"Not so much a how-to of family history research,
as what can happen when the results are in."

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Goodreads Review for the Jacaranda Trail

"...Alannah has stayed in out of the way places which bring the bush alive and resonate with those of us from Oz. Finding her grandmother was a bonus... Alannah's style of writing is also easy to follow ..."

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Adventures in an Australian Homeland

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The Jacaranda Trail cover

A Journey of Discovery Down Under

Would you just sell everything, ditch your plans
And buy a ticket to the other side of the world?
In her twenties, the author did just that –
And got much more than she could ever have bargained for…

The Jacaranda Trail cover

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