Present Tense, Future Perfect

Fact meets fiction in this short story based on the life and work of Daphne du Maurier. 

Plagued by doubts as to whether her novel-writing will ever succeed, Daphne is at a low point in her life. When she discovers a potion in her possession that promises the power to magically steal her away from her present plight, she feels she has nothing to lose. 

Read Present Tense, Future Perfect and join Daphne as she takes a chance and stares into the face of destiny...

This title will be available on early release to members of Alannah's Readers Group.

More Money than Sense

Baxter may be stinking rich, but he has no concept of money - and he’s oh-so-gullible!  When he squanders his dwindling millions buying the Tower of London from a con artist, it’s the last straw for his long-suffering accountant.

Things have to change!

But will he have the sense to decide on the best course of action?


The Intrepid Adventures of Ralph Ingleton

Listening to his grandfather's exciting travel tales, young Ralph dreams of becoming an adventurer himself some day…

Bravely pushing the bounds of exploration.  Venturing into uncharted territory.  And going where no Westerner has gone before.

However, as an adult, Ralph's imagination can sometimes get him into hot water.

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Short Stories


A Real Old Dragon

In Simon's eyes, Mrs Kensington-Kemp is a classy bit of stuff who can do no wrong.

But when she gets upset, she can be a real old dragon sometimes – 
so says her son, and Simon's best friend, Toby. Then, one fateful night, Simon finally gets to see just what Toby meant – and a few things suddenly start to make sense.

A Real Old Dragon is a short fun read.

This title will be available on early release to members of Alannah's Readers Group.