1 Feb 2019

UP A CREEK DOWN UNDER: Adventures in an Australian Homeland - travel book due out.

OFF THE RAILS - this short travel tale will be released alongside the book as an exclusive read for members of the author's Readers Group (so if you're not already on board, simply join by entering your email address in a New Releases signup box on this page!)

October 2018
SARDINES MIGHT FLY published - Could air travel GET any worse? Find out in this humorous, reflective & informative travel tale.

May 2018

PRESENT TENSE, FUTURE PERFECT - free short story released based on the life & work of author Daphne Du Maurier.

October 2017

Alannah makes a return trip to her Australian birthplace - fuel for her future travel book, Up a Creek Down Under!


3 books released in the light & fun Campervan Bushman Mystery Series starring Scott Chevalier, who's part campervan-surfer, part Crocodile Dundee.

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Image: Author Alannah Foley... aka The Pyjama Writer

Who is Alannah Foley?

"I'm a British-Australian author who currently lives in Cornwall, England with an obsessive cyclist. I write 'across the board' and love bringing a sense of fun to my work. Since 2011, I've published travel tales, mysteries, short works of fiction and other maverick titles that don't seem to want to fall in line - so who knows what I might come up with next!"