Praise for The Jacaranda Trail

A little possum with a daaarling of a talent.  But that’s enough about me.  What do you think of me?
Dame Edna Beverage

It’s about time a few more women stood up & wrote books.  Mind you, it’s more comfortable if you sit down to do it.
Germaine Jeer

Haven't I already reviewed this flippin' book?  Oh, no, that was the Campervan Capers one.  Anyway, yeah, this one is a great read as well.  Err...  When do I get to plug my own books, then?  I'm still waiting!

Billy Brisun

Praise for the Campervan Bushman Mystery Series

Having been stirred into buying an RV motorhome after reading Alannah's Campervan Capers books, I decided to give these little fiction stories a whirl.  Well, hey, not only has she succeeded in inspiring me big time once again on the campervan front, but this mystery is just bursting with the kinds of adventures we should – quite frankly – be featuring in my Mission Improbable movies!
Tom Crews

Scott might come across as a surf bum, but those of us who know him take our bush hats off to him.  He can teach ya a thing or two about flavourin' up a crocodile steak, I can tell ya…  Although, of course, crocs are a protected species nowadays, so I don't go hunting for them any more… Honest!
Crocodile Dundee ('Mick' to his mates)

Praise for Cyclopathic Tendencies

A global conspiracy (ish), some kick-ass action and a bunch of bikes thrown in – what more could you want?  In fact, I think the screenwriters have missed a trick by not having any bike chases in my movies.
Jason Bourne
Trained assassin & Martial Arts expert

This book has got to be one of our favourite cycling novels ever!  (Mind you, that could be because you're hard pushed to find any bike-related fiction around.)
Cycling Weakly magazine

I read the book and, quite frankly, I'm not sure I could handle the truth.
Jock Nicholson
Actor, A Few Good Cyclists

N.B. - Disclaimer (To be used in cases of acute gullibility):
As denoted by 'faux' and 'pseudo', the above reviews are completely spurious in nature.  Although they are loosely based on real-world characters, note that they do not reflect the opinions of any person, whether alive, dead or fictitious.   Needless to say, no offence is intended upon the original characters.

Alannah Foley has been overwhelmed by the number of pseudo-celebrities who have clamoured to give her work rave 'faux reviews' over the years.  Below is just a selection.  More appear in her books...

Praise for Campervan Capers

Forget Formula One!  It isn’t a patch on driving one of these turbo-charged babies.  And I never would have tried one out if it weren’t for reading this little book.  Only downside is, site owners aren't keen on you cutting up their lawns and using their sites as a racetrack.
Nigel Mannsul

Forget traipsing through the flippin’ snow and ice at the Poles.  This book has converted me!  You can snuggle down in a camper and just whack on the Propex if it gets a bit chilly.  And adventures?  I went to Margate and back on the weekend.  At this rate, I’m sure I'll have another bestselling book out soon.
Randy Fines

Campervan Capers – great for anyone infected by the travelling bug…  Err… Can I plug my own books now?

Billy Brisun

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Praise for Cycling Widows

I might have won six or seven Tours de France - or is it eight? - but that doesn't make me completely unsympathetic to my wife. I've promised her I will give up cycling for good as soon as I've won my tenth Tour. In the meantime, I've left her at home with a copy of Cycling Widows - highly recommended.
Larry Legstrong

My wife always used to keep a picture of me in her wallet.  Not because she was romantic or anything - just so she could remember what I looked like when I finally turned up after a season's racing.  Thanks to Cycling Widows, we can laugh about it all now.

Teddy Smirks

Praise for the Tales from Corny Cove Series

After ditching my RV back in the States to buy a small camper for my trip to the quaint little British Isles, Alannah recommended I visit Corny Cove – and I thought, "Why not?"  Boy, has she done the place justice in her tales!  Nearly got lost in the forest but the beach was real cool.  Unfortunately, the place was so remote I couldn't get a burger anywhere.  The upside? – I never got asked for my autograph once.  Five stars all round!
Tom Crews
Actor turned Motorhome Nut (after reading the author's Campervan Capers book)

Another fantastic piece of writing set in a drool-worthy location – one of the few places in the world I haven't managed to travel to – yet!  By the way, you still haven't told me when you're going to let me plug my books!
Billy Brisun

Embittered Travel Writer (after reading the author's Campervan Capers book)

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