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Faux Reviews

Faux reviews by pseudo-celebrities for Campervan Capers:


"Forget Formula One!  It isn’t a patch on driving one of these turbo-charged babies.  And I never would have tried one out if it weren’t for reading this little book.  Only downside is, site owners aren't keen on you cutting up their lawns and using their sites as a racetrack."

Nigel Mannsul


"Since buying a motorhome myself, I’ve realised the campervan world isn’t just a bunch of down-and-out gypsy dossers.  It’s such a great alternative solution to the housing shortage that it should be encouraged.  Anyone thinking of getting a 'van should definitely read Campervan Capers.”

UK Prime Minister


"I heartily encourage a campervanning lifestyle.  Getting out onto the open road, it’s amazing just how much road-kill you can pick up...  And, with a gas hob on board, I can fry up what I find on the spot."

Huw Fern-Leigh-Wit-In-Stall


“Who wants to be lumbered with a mortgage when you can doss around in one of these little beauties?  Unfortunately, one already has one’s own home and a handful of social engagements one must attend.  But reading Campervan Capers certainly gave me a taste of life as one of the peasants."

Bonnie Prince Charlie


"Campervan Capers – great for anyone infected by the travelling bug…  Err… Can I plug my own books now?"

Billy Brisun


"If you love campervanning, why not stay on one of my award-winning sites.  They’re all over the place.  But I won’t be there.  I’ll be too busy trimming my beard.”

David Belle-Amie


"I go out in my camper to study insects.  It’s amazing how many different species you can collect on your windscreen as you drive full pelt along the motorway."

David Atinburrer


"After reading Campervan Capers, I saw the light and had a word with the ‘Beeb’.  Now they're up for a new series, with me circling the globe in a motorhome.”

Michael Pailing


"I used to have an RV back in the great US of A.  But then I came to this tiny little island called Britain and read Campervan Capers.  My God!  I was transformed – and bought one of those quaint little English campers instead.  Downsizing sure has made me happy!”

Tom Crews


"Forget traipsing through the flippin’ snow and ice at the Poles.  This book has converted me!  You can snuggle down in a camper and just whack on the Propex if it gets a bit chilly.  And adventures?  I went to Margate and back on the weekend.  At this rate, I’m sure I'll have another bestselling book out soon.”

Randy Fines

N.B. - Disclaimer (To be used in cases of acute gullibility):
As denoted by 'faux' and 'pseudo', the above reviews are completely spurious in nature.  Although they are loosely based on real-world characters, note that they do not reflect the opinions of any person, whether alive, dead or fictitious.   Needless to say, no offense is intended upon the original characters.