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Book Cover: Up a Creek Down Under (Adventures in an Australian Homeland)

Scott Chevalier gets a dose of the Agatha Christies in the Campervan Bushman Mystery Series.​..

Book Cover: Criminal Intent - book 3 in the series

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Book Cover: Killer Climate - book 1 in the series
Book Cover: Sardines Might Fly (Could Air Travel GET Any Worse?)

Alannah Foley is an eclectic author, known for her mysteries & short reads (with a few twists, turns and tickles) as well as her travel tales and light satirical takes on life.  Click on a title below to find out more...

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Cycling Widow's Survival Guide
Book Cover: Wipeout - series prequel
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Read Alannah's adventures Down Under, capers in a campervan, and humorous tales about air travel.


Short Stories
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Book Cover: Deathbed of Roses - book 2 in the series
Book Covers: Sardines Might Fly & Up a Creek Down Under
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​If you love travel tales with a humorous edge, check out Alannah's latest book

as well as the short free companion read, 


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Cycling Widows - book 2
Cyclopathic Tendencies (fiction)
Cycling Widows - book 1

Alannah enjoys writing satirical portraits based on life's experiences. Her first of these is ​​a series of CYCLING WIDOWS books aimed at those who are living with an obsessive cyclist.

LOOK OUT for other humorous works about the various quirks of female life planned for a later date.

Book Cover: The Jacaranda Trail (A Journey of Discovery Down Under)
Book Cover: Campervan Capers (A Couple First Year Exploring the World of Campervanning)
Tales from Corny Cove box set